Design on Fire

Fire pits are without a doubt our most primal and enjoyed outdoor design elements. But just because it sounds simple doesn’t mean you should keep a few things in mind before you go to make your fire pit purchase and end up looking like a total ass hole. The first thing is first you need to decide when installing a fire pit is whether this will be a permanent piece or if it is if you are going to take it with you. “if ┬áits staying in one place, I suggest purchasing something substantial, made of concrete or tile, that can double as a bench or footrest. It’s best when the fire pit can be integrate into the rest of the design.” I mean its fire right, and many leading designers and scholars have gone back and forth on a kind of age old debate and that is on one hand, fire good, but on the other hand in a very real sense, fire bad, fire bad. It may sound obvious, but you gotta make sure you choose a fire pit that is steady enough not to break and topple at the first sign of adversary. Because this could be the end of your house and possibly life. At the very least it will totally kill the vibes of your house guest and you don’t want that, do you ?

“built in fire pits that merge seamlessly into a patio or outdoor entertaining space are particularly attractive, and they look just as great when not in use.” But that seems hard to believe considering there isn’t a fire going on in this hypothetical. “do you want to haul wood or charcoal to your fire pit,or something simple, like one that’s powered with bio fuel.”

This is a big question but many times we go to this old verses new debate and really ask what we want. you’re not going to really have a lot of the things we want when we consider having a fire pit if we are going to go with lame propane. But at the end of the day a lot of the time we make this decision out of necessity and still have a fire at the end of the day. Plus on top of all that jive we see that there is something kind of nice to the convenience of just flipping the switch and going “hello Mr. Fire lets dance.”

From here you have to consider what design elements you want to capture and it is no easy step, lets say that in many cases we go off of what the house is already offering us. But if you live in a modern home, do you really want a modern fire place. That almost seems oxymoronic to say but that is the decision you are going to have to make. Because if you do go for something that is rustic you gotta make sure it works with the elements of style you have set the table with, so dig in, its fire time.

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