Is There a Place for a Hybrid in Your Kitchen?

Hybrid innovation isn’t just a thing of the auto industry; the world of electric home appliances is experiencing an unprecedented proliferation of never-before-seen devices that perform a whole slew of tasks that no one appliance ever managed before. Hybrid appliances are the next biggest thing to hit the American kitchen;┬áhere’s a list of the newest appliances posed to make waves.

hybrid2The Toilet Washing Machine.

It sounds gross, but it actually makes total sense. This appliance is a washing machine that uses its used clothes washing water to flush your toilet. This is an example of a gray water system, where clean water is prioritized and only supplied for tasks that actually necessitate it. Otherwise, who really cares if your clothes washing water cleans your toilet or even waters your plants? The flowers won’t mind, and neither will your sewage system. Plus, as Turkish designer Sevin Coskun understood, the space above your toilet is typically wasted anyway.

The Toilet Sink.

Just when you thought toilet hybrids couldn’t be more disconcerting, the toilet sink hits your eyeballs. Its a simple concept that is almost strangely surprising; if you live in a place where water is scarce, you’ll appreciate the way the water used to wash your hands goes down into your sink drain and eventually into your toilet tank, where it waits for you to need it to flush the toilet. Again, it’s a grey water system that just makes sense.

The Refrigerator Keg.

This Frigidaire creation is not just a keg refrigerator but also a normal refrigerator. Just remove the keg when you’re being a respectable person, and then replace your food with a keg when you’re being a ridiculous person.

The Tanning Shower.

It makes a lot of sense as long as you’re not too worried about the affect of UV rays on your skin. After all, tan lines are a bummer but there’s not many productive activities you can take part in while nude, especially if you have roommates. The tanning shower allows you to kill two burns with one stone and clean off and tan all in one quick 15 minute period. Plus you can kiss tanline goodbyes. The ProSun International tanning shower apparently uses balanced UV light similar to that of natural sunlight, which is supposedly better for your skin than the UV blast you’ll get after 15 minutes in a tanning bed. It even has an anti-aging option that uses high-intensity LEDs that supposedly “employ near-infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin in order to reduce the appearance of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged poles and crow’s feet.”

hybridThe Radio Toaster.

Start your morning with toasty jams.

The Hamper Washer Dryer.

You’ve probably heard of/wrapped your head around the washer dryer combination appliance; those top-loading, space-saving devices wow’ed in the early 2000’s. Nowadays the hamper washer dryer is the new kid on the block, and it not only offers clean dry clothing but even allows owners to better organize their rooms. At the end of the day, it makes sense.



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