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We see it everyday, high tech products infiltrating facets of our life we didn’t previously know were possible and making them easier and more efficient. When it comes to your kitchen that is one arena we want to upgrade given the high traffic of use, but often times don’t know where to begin to get the most bang for your buck. This article will lay out some of the top choices of the year that will show you how to improve your living situation and really feel a difference with the quality of your products.


Keurig Vue Single Serve Coffeemaker:

Coffee lovers welcome to the future. There is nothing more fundamental to most of our morning routine than the act of making our morning cup of Joe. That said we also know how much a bad routine can affect the flow of our morning and the general course of the day there after. For most Americans Coffee is king and if we want to get our lives right, often we get our coffee right. The Keurig vue single serve coffee maker is a wonderful piece of machinery and goes for about no more than $200 on You have the freedom to determine the cups strength, and temperature, and flavor to ensure that cup of coffee matches your disposition and life at that moment when you so desire caffeine. You can program the machine to wake up and make your coffee before you do which is a beautiful thing to walk to and start the rest of your day there after. Not to mention that if you were not able to program it and get it pipin hot before you’re up don’t worry this puppy can pump out a tasty cup of joe in about 1 minute tops.


Blendtec Design Series Wildside Blender:

Another great find, if you’re trying to go health conscious and spruce things up for a relatively cheap price then this is the blender for you. For a blender this is a pretty penny item, but have you ever had a bad blender experience… This thing will pay for itself if you have. One of the top rated in GHRI tests its a sleek LED control often an impressive array of reprogrammed ways to go smooth with your foods. There are 10 speeds to choose from to make sure that you get the right consistency. From margaritas to grinding your coffee beans to power smoothies this thing is a jack of all trades and can do so much in the kitchen and will likely become a everyday item in your home.


Ninja Cooking System Slow Cooker

Cooking is the only right term to describe what the Ninja can do for you and your home. The multi use device is fasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfcontrolled by 2 large knobs in a very simple and elegant way to to reach a wide range of your needs. This digital display can be programmed to cook up to 12 hours before automatically switching to a warm cycle. Its also a charm when it comes to goulash.

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